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The Paw Spa

Bathing, Breed Cuts and Other Services

We are skilled in hand scissor cuts and breed specific styles or simple shave downs as you desire.  A tangled coat or a dog that hasn't been groomed in several months requires more time and skill over a dog that has been groomed every 4-6 weeks.  Painful matts on your dog also puts your dog at risk for skin lessions and abrasions.  To reduce the time your dog is being groomed and risks to your pets skin, we always encourage monthly grooming to keep your dog in "Pawfect" condition.   

Please plan on picking your furry friend up 2-4 hours after you drop off your pet for grooming.  Please don't feed your dog in the morning of its grooming appointment.  What goes in, will come out!  Prior notice is always appreciated, however walk-ins are accepted in the morning as time allows.  Appointments scheduled during a holiday week sometimes requires a longer stay due to higher demand.  We always try to accomodate your schedule and encourage standing appointments for your conveinence. 

Our services are based up many variables, breed, coat length, condition and disposition.  Please call us for a price estimate for your particular needs.

Bath & Brush Out


We start your pet's bath with a gentle hydro-massage bathing using our premium shampoos, cleaning your pet all the way down to the skin.  We let the enzymes in our biodegradeable shampoos soak the coat, deodorizing and removing pet dander and parasites.  We blow the coat out using a high velocity hand force dryer to remove excess hair while we personally inspect the skin.  Nails are clipped, ears are cleaned and anal glands are drained.  The result is your dog's coat is beautiful and smells great for weeks !


Prices - $49 & up

Tidy Up's


At your request, a Tidy Up is done after the bath service and includes neatening of the legs, face, feet, rear and tail.  We leave the coat length but remove the strangly hairs to neaten its entire appearance.


Prices - $65 & up

Full Grooming


At your request, full grooming includes a full bath and brushout and breed hairstyle, puppy cut or shave down as you desire. Breed cuts are dependant on whether the coat is in tangle free condtion.  If a coat is severly tangled, the only humane thing to do is to shave the coat off and start over.  If we find the coat can't be saved, we will always call you first.

 Starting at $75 & up

Extra Services


Pampering Extras !


De-Shedding Treatment
Starts at $15


Nails Clipping - $15


Nails Painted - $15


Flea Shampoo - $7 & Up


Medicated Shampoo - $10





*Your prices may vary depending on coat condition, disposition, length of hair, etc. Our prices are estimates for dogs in relatively good condition. 


Newport Beach: (949) 673-7766
2905 Newport Boulevard,
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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